Residencial Resort

Altozano Andarríos

Cartagena, Colombia 2019 - 2023
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A botanical garden
surrounding your home.
Apartments between 161 and 212 m2 privileged view over the golf field Clubhouse Children playhouse swimming pool BBQ/ Restaurant area

After a long road of searching, we found Altozano inhalf of the plain of Serena del Mar. Among the immense vegetation of the dry, tropical forest, we highlight the purity of nature that grows and remains intact, the arrival of animals and of birds that visit Cartagena from all corners of the world, attracted to a place of calm and rejuvenation. Altozano is the balance between living in harmony with the natural world and the architecture of two large luxury construction firms in Colombia. Arias Serna Saravia and Novus Civitas combined talents to carry out Altozano, at the top of Serena del Mar.


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