Aquatic Complex

Simón Bolivar

Bogota, Colombia 2003 - 2006
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Area of Construction: 10.949 m2 Swimming pools valued by the FINA Winner of the public contest held by the IDRD Mention of Honor at the Colombian Architecture Biennale 2006 Near the Simón Bolivar Park Institutional Sector Project

Near the Simon Bolivar Park, the Simon Bolivar Aquatic Complex rises. It is the most integrated metropolitan ensemble in Bogota, composed by nature, sports, leisure and culture. This modern development, designed by Arias Serna Saravia, was the winner of the public contest held by the IDRD (District Institution for Recreation and Sports) and organized by the Colombian Society of Architects in August 2003. Besides, it received a mention of honor at the Colombian Architecture Biennale of 2006.


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